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About Me  

Welcome to my website:  HealthnFitness4You.com. Here is a little About Me.

About Me:  Health and fitness and helping others have always been a passion of mine.  If you are healthy and fit, then everything else in your life will fall into place.  You will feel good about yourself, and if you feel good about yourself, this will radiate to others.

Through the years, with a degree in Office Administration, I have worked in the medical field in the areas of cardiac and lung specialties as an administrative assistant and also as a legal assistant in the field of Trademarks.  Even dabbled in telemarketing part-time for awhile, as a top sales rep for Fortune 500 companies.

I have a lovely daughter who is an accounting IT specialist and a beautiful talented granddaughter, a former gymnast, whose passtion was to teach English in High school and College. She is now doing that.

Even with an interest in health and fitness, I myself had cancer, but with excellent doctors, multiple surgeries, and wonderful treatment I fought back and won. It has left me stronger and I feel as though I am 25 years old.

Furthermore I live in the Washington, D.C. suburbs in Maryland.  Maryland is a beautiful state with mountains on one end, an ocean on the other and a bay for boating, fishing and relaxing.

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Some More About Me:

There are many cultural restaurants due to the fact that I live in the Washington, D.C. area.  Also I love learning about different cultures and I love eating at different ethnic restaurants.  Tasting and enjoying healthy food from all over the world is an adventure to me.  Also the love of music has been something I have enjoyed since I was a little girl.  Playing the piano was an enjoyment of mine when I was younger, along with singing solos. 

In my early adulthood, I experienced the fun of professional dancing for three years.  I also worked out at the gym three times a week.

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Professional Dancing

Some Of My Hobbies:

Consequently now my hobbies are spending time with my family, crocheting, studying Internet Marketing, going to different cultural restaurants with my guy friend, enjoying the museums and The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  I love to create and decorate and have created and decorated European and Japanese dollhouses, along with decorating my home. In the last ten years I have been active in Yoga and Pilates classes, and of course I continue to work-out daily.

  Pilates Teacher and Classmates

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                          European Dollhouse/Furnishings

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I hope you will find some helpful products in this website that would help you in your health or in feeling better about yourself.  Most of the people who have developed these products have years of experience in their fields and they wanted to bring healthy and natural forms of remedies, self improvement products, fitness and yoga exercises for people to enjoy. 

Maybe you would enjoy learning to crochet.   Here is a link to a free product to get you started!

Please come back as often as you like and look around.  You will probably find something that will help you or someone you know to feel better.  Furthermore there are products for health and fitness, exercise and fitness and self improvement.  Being physically and mentally fit will help you to feel better about yourself.  If you have any questions, please contact me at bjc@healthnfitness4you.com.