<b>Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review</b>

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

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Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

Product Description:

We hope you enjoyed our Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review! Besides if you are reading this, either you or someone close to you wants to lose weight and you are looking for a solution that may help you do that along with firming up and keeping the weight off long-term. There are several online guides in the market that make bold claims of being able to help you lose weight and look great. Actually some of them are scams, but the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program is not a scam. By the way you have come to the right place. Above all we hope you enjoy our Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review!

The Xtreme Fat Loss program is all about helping YOU to burn fat and lose your weight. By the same token dieting along with exercise is the basis for The Xtreme Fat Loss program. However if you follow the instructions, you will reach your end goal.

Dan Long and Shaun Hadsall created this program, Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, and they are both bodybuilders and famous nutrition authors. But there is one other person involved in the creation of “Xtreme Weight Loss Diet.” He is Joel Marion of “Fitness Solutions.” He holds a BS degree in Exercise Science and Health Education from The College of New Jersey. He graduated Magna Cum Laude. But he is also a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer. Furthermore he has written several articles in the past seven years that have been featured in several magazines.

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The Xtreme Weight Loss Diet lasts 25 days. There are five different days:

Cheat Day: Day One
Fast Day: Date Two
Shake Day (3 protein/carb shakes, 2 protein/fat shakes): Day Three
Moderate carb day (2 protein/carb meals, 3 protein/fat meals): Day Four
Protein only day: Day Five

The Cheat Day is to help you increase your leptin levels so that you can burn up to 10-15 thousand calories a week.

Joel’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet:

• The Pre-Cheat Depletion phase forces your body into fat burning mode,
• At the same time, this program allows you to keep some of your favorite fattening foods but still teaches you to generate your fat burning hormones through Cheat Days.
• Likewise, you will get rid of, flush out and burn up unwanted fat through definitive gauged exercise
• Can this actually be done in 25 days, you ask?

Included are A Diet and Nutrition Manual as well as an Exercise and Training Manual, Training and Workout Log Sheets, a Goal and Exercise Journal, a Supplement Guide, an Xtreme Weight Loss Diet Reference Guide, a Quick-Start CheckList, a Question and Answer Audio File, and also Vince and Flavia’s Tips and Strategies.

The Good Points:

1. The Success Journal helps you to set your goals and achieve them.
2. And the Reference Guide has everything written down in easy to read notes.
3. Moreover, you can start right away with the help of The Quick Start Checklist.

The Bad Points:

1. You need to devote the full 25 days to the program.
2. Also, people who have children or have a heavy workload may have problems sticking with the program.
3. And you may use Supplements mentioned, but you do not have to purchase them to use the program


If you follow the program, you will see results. It primarily focuses on what you eat, but it also covers areas of attitude, incentive, and exercise. If you are ready to commit to putting aside 25 days to become healthier and happier, then the program, Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, is definitely for you.

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