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Flow State Meditation

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Flow State Meditation – Effortless Performance

There Are 17 Flow Triggers To Hack Into The “Flow State,” or the “Flow State Meditation.”  Hack The Flow State was created by C. Wilson Meloncelli.

The 17 stream triggers are methods for understanding “the Now!”  This “Profound Now” is a condition of present increased concentration, that has been known as the Zone, the Pocket or even “The Stream State.”

Furthermore out of these 17 stream triggers there are 4 gatherings of the Stream Triggers.  These Stream Triggers consist of  (4) Mental; (3) Ecological; (9) Social and; (1) Innovative.

By including a few, or all, of these triggers, you can propel yourself to execute at the highest level.  It does not matter what game you are in or what team, because your imagination, advancement, learning and memory will all be at the top of their game. You will become a much happier person.

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Who Is This Course For – Flow State Meditation?

It is for anyone or any team that wants to be the best at their game all the time and see the growth that this course will teach you to strive for.

What Are These Triggers And How Can They Aid You?

First let’s discussPsychological Triggers!”

  1. For instance you will learn to focus your attention to the end goal.  You will learn to multi-task.
  2. And you will be able to focus on the end game with clarity.
  3. Moreover in your mind you will trigger immediate feedback or how you can do your task even better.
  4. Plus you will learn to have a balance between boredom and anxiety.  This way you will drive your attention to right now and maximize your sports career.

Next we will discuss “Environmental Triggers”

  1.  One must be willing to take risks.
  2. Above all one must be able to step outside of their comfort zone and confront the unknown by accepting and trying many different view points.
  3. But you will learn to pay attention to what you are doing right now.  You will have awareness of all of your senses.

Another trigger that is very important is “Social Triggers!”

  1. You and your whole team will have complete concentration blocking out any distractions.
  2. And your team or group will have clear goals so that all can tell when a solution is at hand.
  3. Listening and conversation in the group must flow.  One will not ignore or put down another’s ideas.
  4. Barring all, there must be an equal understanding in the group no matter what nationality or culture one came from.  
  5. Incidentally each member of the group or team must have similar skill levels. Teamwork is the golden key.
  6. As a rule there must be an element of risk, not just physical but mental and creative risk also.
  7. Likewise there must be a total sense of control.
  8. Accordingly each person must be aware of other team members and listen to others’ conversations.
  9. Coupled with a complete understanding and acceptance of each team member and each persons’ input, ideas and actions.

And Last But Not Least We Have The “Creative Trigger.”

This consists of a pattern recognition of all the other triggers.  The brain will be able to figure out patterns, colors, data, shapes, movement, sounds, ideas, successes, risks, failures, etc.  Then be able to create new ideas using those patterns to link new ideas and also be able to take risks which is the courage to bring those ideas into the world.  All creativity is an element of risk.  


If you and your team in any kind of sport want to reach your total performance effortlessly, then the Flow State Meditation is a great course for you to take.

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