Bruce Springsteen-How He Stays Young

    Bruce Springsteen

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Bruce Springsteen – How He Stays Young In His 60s.

It all started in 1975 when the dreams of young New Jersey born Bruce Springsteen began to come to life. His third album became a hit.  It was “Born To Run.”  That same year, Time Magazine and “Newsweek,” interviewed him. He was down-to-earth and the young kids could relate to him. His music was poetic but powerful at the same time. He started out playing in different bands in New Jersey.

His well written music appealed to people as he wrote about their desires and their dreams. Some of his songs that really inspired people were, “Jungleland,” and “She’s The One.”

Years later he performed complete albums in the order they had been presented in the initial albums. He has continued to energize and magnetize people with his music through the years.

Bruce Is A Health Enthusiast

But also, he has been a health enthusiast for most of his life.  Moreover for over 30 years, Bruce has incorporated health principles into his life. He has pursued a vegetarian diet mainly along with lifting weights and continuing workout routines daily in order to stay healthy. In his 60s he enjoys relaxing with wife, Patti, who is a singer and his three children. Fun time with his family includes exercising, reading and watching movies.  But at his age, he remains healthy and happy, still playing his mystifying music.

Become exhilarated by living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthfully and exercising regularly.  Stay young like Bruce Springsteen does!  Get started today taking care of yourself.  In a few years you will say, “Thank You,” to yourself! Also be sure do what you really enjoy.  We have many programs for Health and Fitness, Exercise and Fitness and also Self Improvement on this website.  Browse around the website and you might find something to help you stay fit and health!

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